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He may not be a household name - but Ian's impact on the Rock and Pop world has been profound. Clearly one of the most respected and sought after guitarists in the industry, Ian Bairnson has been playing on hit records and making great music for years.

Many have tried to describe his technique, characterize his style, and label his music. Some compare him to such guitar legends as Page, Gilmour, and Clapton. Brilliant, innovative, fluid and imaginative are all fitting adjectives to describe his guitar playing.

Ian's accomplishments are not limited to the world of Top 40 and album charts. One really begins to appreciate his talent when we see how his peers judge him. Whether in the studio or on the stage, Ian is in demand. He was courted by COCKNEY REBEL, has played and even sung on KATE BUSH records, and helped MICK FLEETWOOD in his solo career. He has played on more than 100 albums with artists with diverse styles ranging from the Japanese Pop of ANRI, the country/pop tunes of KENNY ROGERS, to the contemporary Jazz of STANLEY CLARKE and STEVE GADD. He played live with BEVERLEY CRAVEN, STING, JOHN PARR, MICHAEL McDONALD and of course THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT.

When you experience Ian playing live, it becomes clear that he was born to play. His gutsy guitar playing commands the attention of your ear. One of PILOT's crew during the band's headlining 1975 tour may have put it best "That bloody guitarist...he's amazing!" Yet, who really is this soft-spoken Scot that plays a mean guitar? Want to know more? Well, TURN IT UP! and click those buttons!

Ian's Passing

Thank you to all the fans, family, and friends that have supported Ian throuoght his life and career. Ian appreciated all the love shown to him and Leila knows how much fans appreciated all the joy his music broght to people all around the world! See Leila's message below:

"It is with deep sadness and regret that I let you know that my loving husband Ian Bairnson has passed away on Friday 7th April. Ian was the sweetest, kindest, loving husband I could ever have wished for and I take comfort that he is resting now up there in his very own piece of “Blue Blue Sky”. Although Ian has left us, his musical legacy stays with us and will continue to delight and brighten our lives, as it did his, forever. I would like to thank the doctors and nurses at Frimley Park Hospital, the managers and carers at Lynwood Care Home and our families and close friends for the love and support they have provided us during these challenging years of Ian’s long battle with dementia. "

Leila Bairnson

To honor Ian's legacy, we will be updating and expanding his website in the coming months.