I wonder if Msrs. Bairnson, Elliott, and Powell had a clue how big this young girl would become when they took this project on. The first single, Wuthering Heights, was released in late 1977. The album was released shortly after at the beginning of 1978. Both went to #1. It seems as though the EMI record companies in different countries couldn't decide which album cover to use. Top left is the US version, top right is the UK, bottom left is the Canadian, and bottom right is the Japanese. Ian also does vocals on Strange Phenomena, Oh to Be in Love, and Them Heavy People. If you want to know more about this superstar check this extensive Kate Bush web page out by clicking here.

Guitar: Les Paul, Amplifier: Marshall 50 and 4x12 cabinet

Tracks Ian Plays On
The Saxophone Song
Strange Phenomena
The Man With the Child in His Eyes
Wuthering Heights
James and the Cold Gun
Feel It
Oh to Be in Love
L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Room For the Life
The Kick Inside
Year Format Title Label Country Catalog #
1978 LP The Kick Inside EMI UK EMC 3223
1978 LP The Kick Inside EMI US ST-17003
1978 LP The Kick Inside EMI Canada SW-11761
1978 LP The Kick Inside EMI Japan EMS-81042