We will be adding videos to this section. But in the meantime you can view some Youtube clips of Ian playing with Alan Parsons, Pilot, and others.

Alan Parsons
Eye in the Sky

Live at Jazz Festival

Stanley Clarke Live
Bahama System
High into the sky
Stanley Clarke & Ian Bairnson Live
Blues Brothers
Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons
Call of the Wild Demo
Alan Parsons
Brother Up in Heaven (live) NOTP 1997
Alan Parsons
Can't Look Down
Alan Parsons
Old and Wise (live) World Liberty Concert 1995
Alan Parsons
Sirius/Eye in the Sky (live) World Liberty Concert
Alan Parsons
White Dawn (live) World Liberty Concert
Turn Your Heart Around (Promo Video)
Beverley Craven
Blind Faith (live)
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"Blues FM" is Ian on his own, playing guitar and sax solos.
"Out There" features Max Middleton (Jeff Beck, Chris Rea) on keyboards. Enjoy!
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Ian Bairnson
Blues FM

Ian Bairnson
Out There

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James Reyne
Motor's Too Fast

Kate Bush
Wuthering Heights

The Alan Parsons Project NEW!
I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You


Eye in the Sky