Carillon computer system

Tascam DA88 multi-track recorders

Welcome to Bair Studios.

From owning an analogue studio, Ian's first move into digital was a pair of Tascam DA88 multi-track recorders, still using an analogue mixer for inputs and mixing.
The next step was to replace the analogue mixing desk with a Yamaha 4416. This not only features a digital mixer with motorized faders but also incorporates a 16-track hard disk recorder.
As more people began to use WAV and AIFF formats for recording, Ian installed two computer systems and now runs all systems in sync. The computers run Cubase SX, Halion, Sound Forge etc. and Ian added the fantastic Focusrite 430 Producer Pack to reintroduce the very best of high-end analogue recording to the input of his digital studio.
Check out the STUDIO SPOTLIGHT to hear some of the work Ian has done in his studio. Featured, is his '59 Les Paul on a new clip called Blues FM, Lenny Zakatek revisiting IWWBLY, and a jazzy Ian guitar solo.
Focusrite 430 Producer Pack