While you are probably familiar with Ian's great guitar work as part of the bands The Alan Parsons Project and Pilot, you may not realize how much more there is to his work. Given Ian’s unique style and great guitar solos, it isn’t surprising that he has been one of the most sought after guitarists in the industry.

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Info & MP3s
1968 Unreleased East West Unreleased Home Recordings
1974 Single Yvonne Keeley Tumbling Down
1974 Album Pilot From The Album of The Same Name
1974 Single Scotch Mist Ra Ta Ta  
1975 Album Pilot Second Flight
1975 Single Jack Harris Sail Away
1975 Single Pilot Lady Luck  
1975 Album David Courtney First Day
1976 Album The Alan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery & Imagination
1976 Album Pilot Morin Heights
1976 Album William Lyall Solo Casting
1976 Single Marylin Miller You've Got to Get Me Higher
1976 Single Arlan Greene We've Gotta Split Up
1976 Single Arlan Greene Carrie
1977 Album Pilot Two's a Crowd
1977 Album The Alan Parsons Project I Robot
1977 Album Hudson-Ford Daylight
1977 Single Paul McCartney & Wings Mull of Kintyre
1978 Album The Alan Parsons Project Pyramid
1978 Album Don Black & Geoff Stephens Dear Anyone
1978 Album Steve Harley Hobo with a Grin
1978 Album Kate Bush The Kick Inside
1978 Album Kate Bush Lionheart
1978 Album Rab Noakes Restless
1979 Album The Alan Parsons Project Eve
1979 Album Chris De Burgh Crusader
1979 Album Chris Rainbow White Trails
1979 Album John Townley Townley
1979 Album Lenny Zakatek Lenny Zakatek
1980 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Turn of A Friendly Card
1980 Album Pilot The Best of Pilot  
1980 Album Eberhard Schoener Events
1980 Single Maximum Penetration Maximum Penetration
1980 Single Les Lavin Love's at the Bottom  
1980 Album Kate Bush Never Forever
1980 Album Jon Anderson Song of Seven
1981 Album Bucks Fizz Bucks Fizz
1981 Album Elaine Paige Elaine Paige
1981-83 Singles Paris Various Singles
1981 Album Mick Fleetwood The Visitor
1981 Single Bob Fish No Chance
1981 Album Eberhard Schoener Time Square
1982 Album The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky
1982 Album Bananarama Deep Sea Skiving
1982 Album Bucks Fizz Are You Ready
1982 Album Esther Ofarim Complicated Ladies
1983 Single Bardo One Step Further  
1982 Album Panarama Can This Be Paradise
1982 Album Akira Inoue Cryptogram
1982 Album Kate Bush The Dreaming
1982 Single Prelude Only The Lonely
1983 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Best of The Alan Parsons Project  
1983 Album Bucks Fizz Greatest Hits
1983 Album Bucks Fizz Hand Cut
1983 Album Rick Cua No Mystery
1983 Single David Van Day Young Americans Talking
1983 Album Julia Downes Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
1983 Single David Am I Normal?
1983 Album Andrew Powell + LPO Plays the Best of The APP
1984 Album The Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue
1984 Album The Alan Parsons Project Vulture Culture
1984 Album Elaine Paige Cinema
1984 Single Bobby Gee Big Deal
1984 Album Bucks Fizz I Hear Talk
1984 Album Keats Keats
1985 Album The Alan Parsons Project Stereotomy
1985 Album Kenny Rogers Heart of The Matter
1985 Album Original Motion Pic. S/T Ladyhawke
1985 Album Various Artists Performance  
1985 Album Mari Iijima Kimonostereo
1986 Album The Alan Parsons Project Gaudi
1986 Album Bucks Fizz Writing on the Wall
1986 Album Uwe Buschkotter Computer Energy
1986 Album David Sylvian Secrets of the Beehive
1986 Album Anri Trouble in Paradise
1987 Album The Alan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery & Imagination 87
1987 Album The Alan Parsons Project Best of Volume 2  
1988 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Instrumental Works  
1988 Single Bucks Fizz Heart of Stone
1988 Album James Reyne James Reyne
1988 Album Nobuhide Saki Yume O Yobe
1989 Album The Alan Parsons Project Pop Classics (Compilation)  
1989 Album Thomas Anders Different
1989 Album Masamichi Sugi Ladies & Gentlemen
1989 Album Lenny Zakatek Small But Hard
1990 Album Eric Woolfson Freudiana
1990 Album Yukio Sasaki Jealousy
1990 Album Yui Asaka No Lookin' Back
1990 Album Yui Asaka Open Your Eyes
1990 Album Kyoko Koizumi No 17
1990 Album Miss Thi Lover
1990 Album Chage & Aska See Ya  
1990 Album Marie Claire Marie Claire
1991 Album The Alan Parsons Project Prime Time: The Alan Parsons Project Best  
1991 Album The Alan Parsons Project Anthology (Connoisseur Collection)  
1991 Album Tom Jones Carrying a Torch
1991 Album Davie Paton Passions Cry
1991 Album Tam White Keep it under your hat
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project Anthology (Italy)  
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project Hits in the Sky (Hong Kong)  
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Best of the Alan Parsons Project (France)  
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Ultimate Collection  
1992 Album Tam White Blue Eccentricity
1992 Album Marian Gold

So Long Celeste

1992 Album Stefano Pieroni

Dagli Il Tuo Cuore

1993 Album Alan Parsons Try Anything Once
1993 Album The Alan Parsons Project l' album di The Alan Parsons Project  
1993 Album Beverley Craven Love Scenes
1993 Album Yukio Sasaki After Dark
1993 Album Various Night of the Proms
1994 Album Jim Diamond Sugarolly Days
1994 Album Marajan DI ver CT
1995 Album Alan Parsons The Very Best Live
1996 Album Alan Parsons On Air
1996 Album Takafumi Ishida Rirekisho
1997 Album The Alan Parsons Project Gold Collection  
1997 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Definitive Collection  
1997 Album Mary Mac River Song
1997 Album Jargon Blue Print  
1998 Album Manolo Garcia Arena en los Bolsillos
1999 Album Alan Parsons Time Machine
1999 Album The Alan Parsons Project 36 All-Time Greatest Hits  
1999 Album The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky: The Encore Collection  
1999 Album The Alan Parsons Project Master Hits: The Heritage Series  
1999 Album Various Artists Lovers Day II
1999 Album Beverley Craven Mixed Emotions
2000 Album Chris Rainbow The Best of Chris Rainbow 1972-1980
2000 Album Chris Rainbow Unreleased & Demo Tracks 1973-1983
2000 Single Chris Rainbow The Instrumental Chris Rainbow  
2001 Single Jack Harris Ragtime Tune
2001 Album Alfonso XII Claude Monet Vol.1
2001 Album Carola My Show  
2001 Album Chris Norman Breathe In
2001 Album Manolo Garcia Nunca el tiempo es perdido  
2002 Album
Blue Yonder
2003 Album
Liverpool Express
Once upon a Time
Around this time, there were big changes in the way recorded music was distributed. As downloading became more popular, there were very few complete albums being made - just individual tracks.
Many of these have no artwork and are hard to track down.
We will continue the Discography with selected clips and info so you can at least hear some of Ian's work up to the present.
Ian moved to Spain and now works from his own studio.
2004 - 2006 Touring
Junk / Beverley Craven
Live clips of tours with Spanish band Junk and Beverley Craven in UK
2007 Tracks
Il Divo / Rhydian
Songs for producer Per Magnusson
2008 Album
101 South
No U Turn
2009 Album
Parzivals Eye / Chris Postl
2009 CD/Download
Eric Woolfson
The Project that Never Was
2009 Album
Beverley Craven
Close to Home
2009 Album
Mari Iijima
2009 Album
Leslie Mandoki
2010 Album
Easier Said Than Done