Eric Woolfson was responsible for putting this group together. Apart from Pete Bardens (Camel), this is basically all Alan Parsons Project Players Ian, David, and Stuart. Colin Blunstone provides the lead vocals. Of course, KEATS was produced by Alan. The European Lps and the Japanese CD have Hollywood Heart instead of Give it Up that appears on the U.S. version. However, Hollywood Heart was the B-side to the U.S. single release. The U.S. re-release on Renaisance Records includes Hollywood Heart and an interview with Alan and Ian done by Steve Martin as 11th and 12th Tracks. Be sure to check out Stuart's hair-do on the back cover. In addition to the usual guitar, Ian plays piano on Ask No Questions and adds vocals on Hollywood Hearts. He wrote both of these tunes.
Tracks Ian Plays On
Heaven Knows
Fight to Win
Walking on Ice
How can you walk Away
Turn your Heart Around
Give it Up
Ask No Questions
Night full of Voices
Hollywood Heart
*Bonus interviews with Alan Parsons and Ian Bairnson