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By Ed Banger
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Growing number of YouTube videos
There are around 300 videos on YouTube that feature Ian's playing and songwriting.
HERE for more.

In the Beginning was East West
Travel back in time to find out more about Ian's first blues band East West and hear some MP3 clips. Ian was 14 years old. Click HERE for more.


Free MP3 tracks, Guitar tabs, Youtube videos and Photos!!
Yes, all of these are available right now at the Media page!
You will find "Wuthering Heights" transcriptions for guitarists and some rare Youtube videos, plus signed photos to download and 2 instrumental tracks, all for free!

BIG Discography!!
In the new discography there are over 130 entries with comments and stories written by Ian, and by Kirk (the main researcher and website designer).
It combines the music, artwork and text in a single page for each album.

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Guitar Festival
Ian recently returned to his birthplace to play a solo spot in the 2010 Shetland Guitar Festival!
This event normally features artists from around the World.